MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Edina police on Tuesday received a break from the usual seriousness and tension surrounding their job.

During roll call Tuesday morning, they were filled in on the early-morning shoplifting of a cake from the Cub Food Store on York Avenue. Edina police sergeant Aaron White says officers tracked down three teenage suspects, who thought they had stolen some pretty sweet dough.

“They had in fact stolen a cake, but in their haste to be quick about it, they grabbed apparently a display cake,” said White. “Some sort of cardboard, or similar display cake that was probably not going to be satisfying when they got home with it.”

Managers at the store decided not to press charges and the three were given trespassing notices. White says he and fellow officers appreciate hearing about a comical case in a job that deals with so many difficult situations.

“Police work is often not always funny,” said White. “Obviously, there was a serious side of this. But it’s a little comic relief for what can sometimes be a not so funny job.”

The cardboard cake is back on display at the store. Adding to the Edina police tweet about the incident was the hashtag #NoCakeFor You.

“There was a good laugh in roll call this morning,” said White.