MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Do you need a vacation? According to a recent study, more than 50 percent of Minnesotans probably do.

The study, done by “Project: Time Off,” shows that 56 percent of Minnesotans are not using all of their vacation time. Perhaps more alarming, we’re leaving more than 13 million unused vacation days on the table every year. The study shows an exact number of 13,197,952 days resulting in more than $2.5 million in untapped economic benefit, or money we’re not spending going on vacation.

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The study shows in the Twin Cities alone, 57 percent of workers have vacation days they are not using. It amounts to a total of 8,034,601 and more than $1 million in untapped economic benefit. That’s right, Twin Cities employees have more than eight million vacation days that aren’t used every year.

The study says the trend started back in 2000 and by 2014, we were only taking about 16 vacation days per year. In two years since, that number increased to 16.8.

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So why are we not using all our vacation time? The study points to several factors. They include workload, not having another person able to do the work while somebody is gone, being able to get away is more difficult as you advance in a company and maybe most importantly, your company isn’t forcing you to use your vacation.

The study says the benefits of using all your vacation time include a higher productivity and performance when you are at work, improved mental and physical health and a decrease in employee burnout.

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The study also shows across America, workers say vacation is the second-most important value after healthcare. We value it ahead of retirement plans, flexible work options and bonuses.