By Amelia Santaniello

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There was a recent study published that confirmed people who live near water have less stress and live more enjoyable lives.

Now, we’re not sure what that study cost, but there’s no doubt they might have saved a buck or two had they just gone straight to Manhattan Beach Lodge in Crosslake.

And for the price of a drink, they could have gotten all the answers from bartender Darryl Beadle.

“It puts everybody in a mood,” Darryl said. “When the breeze is blowing right around 78 degrees, you can pretend it’s a little more tropical in Minnesota, and come down and just chill out and relax with us.”

And that’s just what people have been doing here since 1929.

(credit: CBS)

“In fact the little, what we call ‘The Haunted Shed’ is one of the original cabins that was built on the point,” said co-owner Kista Brunkhorst. “And now we have 19 rooms here and, yeah, it’s just a really special spot.”

Kista and her co-owner husband Jason work hard to keep it special through innovation.

“The Tiki Bar has been here probably about ten years. It was an old bait-and-gas area,” Kista said. “Tiki has it’s own crowd. We call them the ‘Tiki Crew.'”

Only a seasoned mixologist like Darryl can keep the Tiki Crew satisfied, or in stiches.

“If you like it light and fruity, we can do that,” Darryl said. “If you want to ‘knee walk’ a little bit, we can do that, too [laughs]! Can I say that [laughs]? ‘That was a joke, officer!'”

If you brought your appetite, Manhattan Beach has great indoor and outdoor dining areas, and a menu that can only be outdone by the food itself.

“Our ‘Walleye Forestera’ is the new addition to our menu. This is our paella,” said head chef Fred Stumbo. “Of course, we keep it pretty traditional. Saffron rice, plenty of seafood and different meats.”

And their “Cajun Bites” with grilled crostini’s have a mellow cream sauce that ties it all together.

The next time you’re cruising the Whitefish Chain of Lakes, set a course for Manhattan Beach Lodge. And if you have any trouble finding it, just look for Darryl’s shirt.

Another Crosslake dockside bar, Moon Lite Bay, was your runner up — and it was a very close race.

Amelia Santaniello