MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A woman in north Minneapolis says a city police officer responding to a home burglary alarm Saturday night shot her two dogs.

Jennifer LeMay posted home surveillance video of the shooting to Facebook, showing what looks to be a Minneapolis police officer firing his gun at two approaching pit bulls in a fenced-in backyard.

After firing, the officer is then seen jumping over the backyard fence.

WARNING: The video is graphic.


LeMay says the officer shot one of her dogs in the face and another dog multiple times. Both animals are expected to survive, although the dog that was shot in the face suffered a broken jaw.

LeMay says both of the dogs are service animals. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for veterinary bills.

Police responded to her home on the city’s north side after LeMay says her burglary alarm was accidentally tripped by her daughter. The 13-year-old girl then witnessed the shooting.

LeMay believes her home surveillance video shows that the dogs were not aggressive or charging the officer. She also questions why the officer jumped the fence to get in her yard.

Minneapolis police released a statement on the shooting Sunday, saying that the department is aware of the shooting.

“Anytime an officer discharges their firearm in the line of duty there is an investigation that is completed by the Minneapolis Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit,” the statement said. “We are in the process of reviewing the video posted online, as well as the officer’s body camera video.”

Police say they have reached out to LeMay.

Reg Chapman

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  1. Resign you coward! Why couldn’t you have just climbed that fence when you saw the dogs? What is wrong with the police these days?

  2. This so called Cop was totally and completely out of line !!!! The dog was clearly not being aggressive in anyway shape or form .. It was wagging it tell in a friendly matter !!! HE should either lose his job or be put on desk duty !! He is not a cop with any common sense or one that just shoot Pit Bulls for the Hell of it just because they are Pit’s … Happens all the time at least I have read so many stories about this very same thing happening all the time….They need more training on how to handle these kind of situations with dogs…

  3. What time did the alarm company call the police to cancel?

  4. This was blatantly unnecessary and this fool needs to be fired. Neither dog was showing the least aggression when shot and what the heck was he doing in their backyard without making sure there weren’t dogs in it in the first place!

  5. Chuck Ashley says:

    Cops have been “Trained” since 2010 in departments nation wide that Any threat no matter how benign it may appear is Reason to Protect Your Life at Any Cost! Puppies less than 3 months old have been killed by cops who “Believed” they wee a threat to his/her safety, thus Extreme Prejudice is exercised. I’ve been charged several times by not only pitbull breeds but huskies as well, at no time was I harmed in any of these instances because I Know & understand canine behavior/body language. Maybe olice should be Re-Trained in not only animal behavior but human as well and then Maybe we would have far Less cop related shootings. #AllLivesMatter Civilian,Cop,Animals.

  6. Frank Burns says:

    Funny how when it’s a black person everyone supports the cop. In this case too, he could just say he was fearing for his life, and so it was justified.

  7. Jeffrey Reed says:

    This is one reason cops get shot, and then they wonder.

  8. Ken Stet says:

    This officer deserves no less than what he dished out to the family pets who were obviously no danger to the officer.When across the country the police and sheriffs have been told its okay to shoot pets. The mentality of the thugs in blue have a dim bulb light up above their head thinking wow open season. the idea police investigate themselves is a slap in the face to the citizens and victim of the dogs. My heart and prayers go out to the owners of the loving pets who i am sure gave unconditional love to them only a dog can give, Something better happen to this officer. more then paid leave.

  9. If the dogs were dangerous they would have shredded the supposed burglar

  10. Dan West says:

    This story makes me look forward to reading the next story in which a cop gets shot.

  11. Lou Cypher says:

    Another useless, dimwit and cowardly cop. He deserves a good beating, at the least.