MAYS LANDING, N.J. (AP) — A Minneapolis man and former musician with the band Owl City has pleaded guilty in New Jersey to lewdness with a child.

Thirty-two-year-old Daniel Jorgensen admitted he exposed himself to the girl, who was under 13, in Atlantic City in August 2013. He was initially charged with attempting to lure the child and engaging in criminal sexual contact with the girl on the Atlantic City beach.

A judge sentenced Jorgensen to serve two years’ probation in Minneapolis.

Jorgensen played guitar, vibraphone and bass with the electronica group.

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  1. Davis Smith says:

    While this article is not factually inaccurate, it is misleading in a couple respects. It is inadvertently disrespectful to Adam Young, the only member of Owl City, by prominently displaying a music video that only features him, and not Jorgensen. Why? Why not show Jorgensen in a tour photo?
    In the past, Adam Young has produced all of his own music, and has released it under the moniker of Owl City. He has hired a group of individuals to tour with him each touring season, and while this article lists Jorgensen as a “former musician with the band Owl City”, it doesn’t clarify that he was primarily associated with Owl City during tours.

    For many, this article creates a new negative stigma around Owl City’s music, even going forward. This is because the article never indicates Adam Young’s disgust of this act committed by Jorgensen (see link below). In fact, the only face to associate with the article (and by extension, the despicable act of Jorgensen) is Adam’s. In my opinion, a tour photo of Jorgensen would be far more appropriate.

    To see Adam Young’s response to this, please read this post:
    It would be respectful to Adam Young to source his statement on this issue instead of inadvertently leading people to believe he somehow condoned these actions.

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