By John Lauritsen

ARDEN HILLS, Minn. (WCCO) — Jimmy John’s claims to deliver subs fast, and it turns out they’ll also deliver them just about anywhere.

Earlier this month a driver in a stalled vehicle and a state trooper found that out first-hand.

While waiting for help on 35W in Arden Hills, the driver ordered a sub from the sandwich chain.

“So I called 911, said they need help, you know,” said Tom Roman.

It was the Sunday evening before the 4th of July when Tom Roman noticed a stalled truck in the northbound lane of 35W and County Road E2. Little did he know that while he was calling 911 to get help, the driver was calling Jimmy John’s to get something to eat.

A state trooper showed up freaky fast in his own right, and helped the driver move his truck off the road. Seconds later, a car pulled up and a delivery driver asked if anyone ordered Jimmy John’s. The man in the stalled vehicle then replied, “That was me.”

The State Patrol told us they’ve never heard of this happening anywhere before in the state. And they say the Jimmy John’s driver didn’t do anything wrong.

But the man who called for the sub received a ticket for driving with a suspended Illinois license.

Alexis Willcox doesn’t know the Jimmy John’s driver that made that delivery. But in the world of serious deliveries, they now have mad respect.

“That’s hilarious to me that the first thing that you think of, not like you know calling the insurance or anything but food. I am hungry, I need food. That’s the most American thing I’ve ever heard,” said Willcox.

Alexis said that while Jimmy John’s motto is “Freaky Fast,” they stress safety when on the roadways.

John Lauritsen

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