MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Zoo’s newest female Amur tiger needs a name! You could be the one to name it.

On Tuesday, the Apple Valley zoo announced that it has launched a naming contest for the 3-month-old tiger cub on its website.

The cub, born on April 26, is being taken care of behind the scenes by zoo staff with her mother, Sundari. People have watched her grow via a tiger cub webcam.

“Our newest cub has definitely been a handful from day one. She reminds me so much of her mother, Sundari, when she was a cub with her spunky personality,” Diana Weinhardt, Curator for the Northern Trail, said. “It’s been really fun for my team to watch her grow and bond with her mom these past few months. She definitely has a lot of energy and Sundari is a very patient mother.”

Online name submissions will be accepted until August 6. Zookeepers will then pick the top three and the general public will then get to vote for their favorite name starting on August 10. On August 17, the name will be revealed.
full spacer Minn. Zoo Launches Naming Contest For Amur Tiger Cub

edit cub Minn. Zoo Launches Naming Contest For Amur Tiger Cub

(credit: Minnesota Zoo)


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