DETROIT LAKES, Minn. (WCCO) — You won’t find a bigger party in Minnesota this weekend than WE Fest in Detroit Lakes.

We’re always trying to find great places and events for ‘CCO viewers to check out. And if you’ve never made the trip a few hours northwest to Detroit Lakes, start planning one now! That’s where Jennifer Mayerle and Chris Shaffer are Goin’ to the Lake this week.

GALLERY: Goin’ To The Lake In Detroit Lakes

Alan Jackson

The party got going Thursday night as Chris and Jennifer went to check out Alan Jackson as the sun went down.

As big country music fans, Jennifer and Chris were in heaven on this trip. The headliner Thursday night was Lady Antebellum. Saturday night it’s Luke Bryan.

Friday night: Zac Brown Band. Chris and Jennifer checked out their tour bus and chatted with a member of the band.

Helicopter Ride At WE Fest

Over the course of the weekend, 150,000 people will see some of the best country music acts in the world.

But we keep saying it because it’s so true: This is not just about the music. There are 10,000 campsites around the concert area. The only way to truly get a feel for the size of WE Fest is to check it out from a helicopter.

Flip Cup Tourney & WCCO Radio

“The Star-Spangled Banner” rang out before a big flip cup tournament in the Oatfield Campground Friday. In fact, they do this every day of WE Fest at 2:15 p.m. — and each day there are about 30 teams! This is the 11th-annual tourney.

Everywhere you look, people are having fun from early in the morning until, well, early in the morning.

And don’t forget, there’s some pretty incredible music just a short walk from these campgrounds.

If you want a little calmer experience than WE Fest, Detroit Lakes is still a great stop. Chris and Jennifer met up with some friends from WCCO Radio Friday morning. They sat down with John Williams at The Lodge, a hotel right on Detroit Lake.

Zac Brown Band

The size of the festival is incredible to see. Picture a population almost twice that of Duluth, all setting up tents and RVs in fields for a country music festival.

That dedication to music means the bands on stage have a great time coming here.

Jennifer and Chris got to check out Zac Brown Band’s tour bus Friday morning, where they hung out with band member John Driskell Hopkins — otherwise known as Hop!

Comments (2)
  1. 150,000 in 3 days. Maybe years ago but a lot less now.

  2. Jeff Handy says:

    Yeah. I think I saw that 2 of the campgrounds weren’t even open!

    I’ve been going at least 20 years. I’d see the hammerschlagen guy running around in his red suspenders at the bar up on the hill and in the concert bowl at his several stations by the beer stands. I know he had cancer a few years back and he use to joke at our campsite that if he wasn’t there, he’s probably dead. (Nice to see campers keeping his spirit alive even though he wasn’t there.) I don’t know how to get a hold of the hammerschlagen company and I’m wondering if he’s alright? Anybody know what happened to them this year?