MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Middle-income Americans are anxious about their finances, with half of them worrying at least once a week about money.

A newly released MassMutual study says that 48 percent of Americans ages 25 to 65 with household income between $35,000 and $150,000 worry about money at least once a week.

More than a third of middle-income earners – even those at the top end — said they felt “not very” financially secure.

Specific worries included being unprepared for retirement, health care costs and overspending. There was also considerable fear reported around unexpected financial emergencies, such as major illness, injury or a sudden, major expense.

  1. Home prices and Rent are artificially inflated for duel income couples — so single people and single parents are being price gouged. We don’t need a $15/hr minimum wage so banks can create mortgage bubbles again.

    Basing home and rental prices on duel incomes also turns into children who grow up in a state of war when a divorce sets in.