Buttermilk marinated Supreme of chicken, savoy cabbage crisp bacon and boxty potato cake.

1 supreme of chicken
250ml buttermilk
1tsp paprika
½ tsp fresh thyme
100g shredded cabbage
50g streaky bacon
200g cooked potato
100g raw grated potato
50g kerrygold butter
20g flour

Fillet of lemon sole Parsley butter sauce steamed spinach and colcannon
1 fillet of lemon sole
¼ Lemon
200ml white wine
100ml cream
50ml fish stock
Bunch of parsley
½ kilo spinach
250 cooked potato
100g kale
50g Kerrygold butter
2 scallions (spring onion)

Buttermilk marinated chicken supreme
Marinade the chicken in buttermilk and paprika overnight.
1 Season the chicken supreme and place in a hot pan with presentation side down cook slowly add some butter and turn the chicken supreme.
2 place chicken in the oven and cook for 8/ 10 minutes.
3 Mix the cooked potato , raw potato egg flour and milk season and cook in hot butter ,like a drop scone. Cook evenly on both sides and finish cooking in the oven.
4 Remove the chicken from the oven allow to rest keep it warm , add the bacon to the pan and crisp add the cooked cabbage
5 place the chicken on the cabbage with the crisp bacon.
6 Garnish with the boxty potato cake and use the juices from the chicken and butter with the fresh thyme to make a rich sauce.


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