MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Twin Cities teen is doing his part to help in the Harvey relief efforts.

Fourteen-year-old Adison Timmerman has been camped out for a couple of days now, selling lemonade in Woodbury. Saturday he took his efforts to St. Paul, giving away a rose to anyway who donated to the Adison-Harvey Hurricane relief fund. The money raised is going to the United Way.

“A lot of these other companies are doing it where only a certain percent actually gets to Houston and this company says that they’re going to do 100 percent of the money that they get are going to Houston,” Adison said.

Adison’s mother owns Flowerama in St. Paul. She says they will continue to support her son’s efforts once he’s back in school.

Flowerama will launch a social media campaign, donating $1 for every Facebook like and new Instagram follower this month. So far, Adison has raised more than $600.