MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As we close out summer, a lot of people will be taking advantage of those last days in the pool.

But pools can also attract uninvited guests like frogs and other critters. Unfortunately, many small wild animals die because they can’t get out of the pool.

A Maryland biologist, Rich Mason, found a way to help.

He designed a device he calls the Frog Log. A weight holds the ramp to the side of the pool, and the frogs instinctively find the float.

He now sells thousands of the device every year. They cost roughly $20.

Click here for more information.

Comments (2)
  1. Stan Berris says:

    I was given this as a gift this year and it works!!!! Since putting the Frog Log in my pool in July, I have not lost any frogs! Prior to the Frog Log, I would have a dozen or so dead frogs daily. LOVE IT! I no longer have to make that trip out to my pool each morning to get the dead frogs out. Not many products works as they claim but this one sure does.

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