By Mary McGuire

FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) — The Great Minnesota Get-Together is coming to a close.

For the past 11 days, hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans have made the trip to Falcon Heights to enjoy everything the fair has to offer.

So far this year, the fair has broken records on two days when it comes to attendance — on Monday, Aug. 28 and Saturday, Sept. 2.

More foot traffic translates to more profits for fair vendors. Along offering old staple favorites, featuring new food items is essential for vendors like the Blue Moon Dine-In.

“Having a new food always drives business.Today, people are naturally foodies and with social media, everybody reads what everyone is doing and eating at the fair,” Blue Moon’s Stephanie Olson said.

“More than any other fair, I think our fair is known for having really exceptional, out of the box food that is not necessarily kitschy. It’s really good, artisinal quality food, so that’s a massive driver at the gates,” Minnesota State Fair representative Danielle Dullinger said.

In terms of attendance numbers, the final report will be released Tuesday, so everyone will have to wait and see whether or not 2017 was a record breaker.


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