By Mary McGuire

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There are just 136 days left until the Super Bowl comes to Minneapolis, but repairs on US Bank Stadium are still underway.

Back in July, crews began repairing exterior panels on the facility after some started leaking and blowing off.

Mortenson Construction, who built the billion-dollar stadium, is making the repairs. On Thursday, Senior Vice President John Wood insisted the work is progressing as planned and is on schedule, with much of the work being done or nearly done and it will be complete in October.

The work is limited to less than 10 percent of the building’s exterior, or about 30,000 square feet of metal panels.

There are two main issues crews are trying to resolve. In the past, some of the panels came flying off with high winds and others were leaking.

Back in July, Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority interim chair Kathleen Blatz told WCCO-TV safety was the main concern was safety and the repairs would be done in a few weeks.

“The goal is that we will have a very stabilized, secure building that’s permanent. The fixes have to be permanent to really protect the public and I have full confidence that’s what is occurring now and that we will get resolution in the next few weeks,” Blatz said.

The cost of these repairs remains a mystery.

The MSFA claims they aren’t paying for them and Wood told WCCO-TV that taxpayers should not have to pay for them.

The repairs have both weather dependent and carefully coordinated around multiple events at US Bank Stadium to ensure that there was no disruption to stadium activities.

The Vikings will take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at US Bank Stadium this Sunday.

Mortenson released a statement Thursday:

Statement from John Wood, senior vice president, Mortenson

“As previously communicated, there is a limited area of the stadium’s exterior enclosure – less than 10 percent – that hasn’t been performing as intended and where design and construction enhancements needed to be made. Mortenson and M.G. McGrath, one of the trade contractors responsible for the exterior enclosure, have been performing this work.

The scope of work is targeted at specific locations and primarily involves the façade on the northwest elevation, which includes the prow of the building. It primarily includes metal panel remediation and improvements to the weather barrier in limited locations.

We completed the metal panel remediation on schedule by Sept. 20. The remaining work involves the repair of the weather barrier, which is limited to the northwest elevation, and minor repairs to the parapet coping. This work is scheduled to be completed in October.

The work onsite has involved a significant workforce, complex logistics, and major equipment. Safety has been the highest priority, not speed of completion. Progress has also been weather dependent and subject to scheduling delays in order to not interrupt events or activities at U.S. Bank Stadium. While it was everyone’s desire to complete all the work before the start of the NFL season, there was no guarantee that this could be achieved and it ultimately proved to be impossible. All currently planned work will be completed well in advance of the Super Bowl.

Regarding any costs associated with this work, only new enhancements or design changes ordered by the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and/or the architect will be an extra cost to the MSFA. All repair work will be the responsibility of the design and construction team. Due to ongoing litigation involving project subcontractors, further details on total costs and responsibility will not be disclosed.”

Comments (2)
  1. Tim Neumann says:

    Billion dollar POS, shoddy work and finger pointing for warranty repairs, any wonder why this will be paid, once again, with tax payer dollars as the “sports authority” use smoke and mirrors to deflect the costs.

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