MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Even at only 4 years old, Mikinley makes a pretty good doctor.

“She loves to play doctor, and it’s very actually therapeutic for kids to go through that,” said April, Mikinley’s mom.

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Playing with the different medical tools makes time in the hospital a little less scary. And Mikinley has spent a lot of time in the hospital.

“We have gone through a lot of hospital stays, a lot of therapy, a lot of medication,” April said.

Mikinley has what’s called PHACE Syndrome. It’s a rare disorder that affects many different parts of the body, like the heart, the eyes and blood vessels.

“With her condition, it’s very rare,” April said. “We don’t know exactly what her life will bring.”

This hospital stay at Children’s Minnesota was for a brain aneurysm. But watching Mikinley play, you’d never know she’s just had brain surgery.

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Besides, she’d rather tell you about her dogs anyway.

“Abby and buck,” Mikinley said.

And she can’t wait to get home to little brother, Easton.

“They do good together, and they play well,” April said. “She would do anything for him, you know.”

After meeting Mikinley, that’s no surprise at all.

“She’s so sweet and so caring and so faithful,” April said. “She’s beautiful.”

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“She’s had to learn to go through a lot and that’s just who she is,” April added. “She’s so friendly to everybody. She’s everyone’s best friend.”