MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The U.S. Department of Education has provided $21 million to improve student literacy for some 30,000 students in Minnesota.

Preschool programs, low income students, those who are learning English and students with special needs will benefit from the funding.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press says the money comes from the Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Program and will be used to support teachers, nonprofits and families working to improve students’ reading skills.

The funding can be used for reading coaches, summer literacy programs, teacher training, classroom supplies and data collection.

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Comments (2)
  1. Tim Neumann says:

    Really, 21M because student are unwilling or unable to learn, and now more resources must be brought in. Waste of taxpayer dollars

  2. There is ZERO transparency on how will be spent or where it goes. Someone will get rich off of this and the results will be nothing. The most reading that will get done is by the people running the program reading their bank statements.