MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A controversial question on a survey of Minneapolis electoral candidates is causing a stir in city politics.

A local nonprofit distributed a survey to Minneapolis City Council and mayoral candidates asked city council and mayoral candidates, “Do you believe that we could ever have a city without police?” Two major mayoral contenders — State Rep. Raymond Dehn and City Council Member Jacob Frey — and two incumbent members of the city council — Alondra Cano and Lisa Bender — answered “yes.”

A follow-up to that question asked, “What would you do, as an elected official, to bring us closer to police abolition?” where many of the candidates said the city needs systemic change in how it deals with public safety.

Those responses drew sharp criticism from leaders in the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce Thursday morning, who said the candidates’ showed “poor judgment:”

Council Member Lisa Bender posted a more detailed explanation of her position on Facebook after the Minneapolis Chamber’s news conference:

Several contenders for city council seats also answered “yes,” to the question, including Jeremiah Ellison (Ward 5), Jeremy Schroeder (Ward 11), Phillipe Cunningham (Ward 4), Ginger Jentzen (Ward 3) and Janne Flisrand (Ward 7).

You can read all candidates’ responses to the question, and see the full results of the survey, on Pollen.org.

Comments (2)
  1. Mpls. would be better off without the MPD. Let the county do the job.

  2. Laurie Grady says:

    My question to all of tax paying citizens of Minneapolis is: How about a city without a City Council?