ST. PAUL (WCCO) — All eyes will be on Minneapolis and U.S. Bank Stadium in just about four months when the Super Bowl comes to town, and fan safety is of the utmost importance.

On Thursday, state lawmakers tried to get to the bottom of the recent security shakeup.

Before a Minnesota House committee, lawmakers grilled officials about why Monterrey Security was hired in the first place and the serious violations that were revealed last month.

An internal investigation revealed the company double-billed the stadium, failed to do proper background checks and hired workers with criminal records.

Detectives tasked with investigating Monterrey told the committee there were many red flags that should have alerted the stadium authority that there was a problem.

Greg Cook of the Minnesota Board of Private Detectives and Protective Agents, who helped complete the investigation, claimed during a visit to the stadium, he learned one security guard working for Monterrey at U.S. Bank Stadium was wearing an ankle bracelet for making threats to the FBI in the past.

Cook also said to his knowledge, Monterrey is not providing security services to anyone in the state of Minnesota right now.

Two new firms were hired immediately to take over security at the stadium after the shakeup last month.

As for the Super Bowl, it is classified as a National Security event and will therefore have protection from the Department of Homeland Security.

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  1. The MSFA Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority is and has been made up of 100% Democrats. Corrupt from beginning to end. Lying to the public about everything. This absurd stadium corruption deal for a billionaire keeps going on and on.

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