MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some Minnesota drivers say problems persist at the Minnesota Department of Driver and Vehicle Services.

Drivers started experiencing problems in July, when a new computer system for licensing and registration rolled out, called MNLARS.

Early glitches led to some longer lines and delays in getting tabs, titles and plates.

Gov. Mark Dayton said in a news conference Tuesday that the issue has gotten political, and that stories of major problems are anecdotal.

The president of the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association told WCCO Wednesday that many dealers are just now printing titles for August transactions. And in general, their capabilities and timing have gone backwards, and customers are still complaining.

Susan Clough is one of the customers with a problem. She says she has had to get three 21-day temporary permits since buying her new car in early September because she cannot get her new license plate or title in a reasonable timeframe.

(credit: CBS)

“I want my title. I paid cash for my car, I want my title and I want it now, and I want my plates,” Clough said.

The $90-million licensing and registration computer update began in 2007, and experienced some glitches when it rolled out officially in July.

The state says the new system is working more efficiently than the 30-year-old system it is replacing.

“It’s not been perfect,” Dayton said. “Once again, Republican legislators are just delighted to jump on something if they think they can do damage to the credibility of state government, especially with a Democratic governor.”

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s driver and vehicle services department says the vast majority of transactions are happening without any issue or delay.

They report that since the new system launched July 24 through Oct. 17, there has been a 41-percent increase in registration renewals from the same time period last year, and a 26-percent increase in title transactions.

The DPS said anyone who has not received their registration tabs or license plates should visit their local deputy registrar’s office to request a 60-day permit to place in their vehicle until their stickers and license plates arrive.

They can also email DVS to request a 60-day permit be mailed to them by emailing their license plate or VIN number along with their full name to dvs.motor.vehicles@state.mn.us.

Comments (6)
  1. Tim Neumann says:

    Once again Dayton has his head in the sand, or another place, over yet another failed software system. 90 million and the vendor could not get it to work correctly? Typical bureaucratic BS, never anyone fault. Don’t have time to do it right, only time to do it over syndrome.

  2. Just another Democrat run bureaucracy. Just like the MNSURE $1 billion computer program that was a waste and never worked. All owned and run by Democrats. Everything these people touch turns to excrement.

  3. Governor Dayton is illinformed and his comments are unhelpful. I would even categorize them as extremely harmful to the smooth operation of the Department of Public Safety’s Driver and Vehicle Services Divistion (DMV). The MNLARS rollout was bungled at the highest levels of management and whoever is feeding him this bogus information is doing so in an attempt to deflect blame and save their own job. That he believes them is a tragedy! I am a Democratic voter and I am also an employee of DVS and can not stress enough that his characterization of this as politicized and overblown is DEAD WRONG! 😡

  4. ” The MNLARS rollout was bungled at the highest levels of management and whoever is feeding him this bogus information is doing so in an attempt to deflect blame and save their own job…”
    Who are these people then?