By John Lauritsen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner, and seasonal workers are needed to help keep up with the boost in shopping.

But finding enough part-time workers can be tough.

Minnesota retailers hired more than 10,000 people during last year’s holiday season. Every year, about a third of those seasonal hires turn into year-round jobs.

“They had a sign in the window that they were hiring seasonal help, so I applied and got the job,” Anita Kimmes said.

Kimmes thought her seasonal job at Patina in Golden Valley would end after the holidays. Instead, it became long-term.

“It did work with my schedule to stay on, and it was just a great place that I wanted to be,” Kimmes said.

Stories like Anita’s aren’t as common as they once were. Right now, more Minnesotans are holding steady jobs and finding that they don’t necessarily need a second one.

“I think in general retail is becoming more competitive in terms of hiring,” said Karin Tappero, district manager of Patina’s stores.

Patina is an exception — they’ll bring on anywhere from eight to 10 seasonal workers, and nearly half of them will stay on after the holidays.

“It just always seems to work out,” Tappero said.

But Tappero understands that times have changed. In order to get the numbers they need, more and more retailers have to cater to the schedule requests of temporary workers.

“It’s the holidays and we do have needs and we have some expectations, but there is always work around, and we want to work with people on what their needs are too and we make it work,” Tappero said.

In addition to working around schedule to attract seasonal workers, some retailers are paying those temporary employees more money than they have in the past.


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