By Ali Lucia

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you love dogs, you’re going to love this story.  And if you’re a cat owner like WCCO This Morning anchor Kim Johnson, you’ll like it too. We all have days where walking the dog can be a challenge to fit in the schedule — even Matt Brickman doesn’t always find the time to walk his dog Gus. For that problem we have a solution.

His name is Mike Meyer and he can help you out with those midday potty breaks. Oh yes, south Minneapolis resident Mike Meyer is a professional dog walker.  As you can see it keeps him very busy and that’s what makes Mike Meyer a Minnesotan to Meet.

While most of us break for lunch, not Mike Meyer. This is his busiest time of day.  Surrounded on all sides by furry friends, Meyer is taking these pups on about a three mile stroll.  The self-described animal lover has been wandering our streets with multiple canines for about five years.  Two years ago he started Lofty Dogs, which is essentially a group dog walking business.

dog walker mike meyer No Matter The Weather, Twin Cities Dog Walker Brings Pups On Little Adventures

(credit: CBS)

“I pick them up each morning, have a little adventure every day and put them in their homes each morning and then we’re done,” said Mike Meyer, owner and founder of Lofty Dogs.

You’re probably asking the question how many can he walk at one time? Meyer said 17, but that’s not the norm.

“It’s usually around 10, eight to 12 is a good number,” said Meyer with a laugh. “We all work together as a team.”

Of course with this many dogs on a leash he gets a lot of questions during his walks.

No dogs in his south Minneapolis house. Just one cat.

“Kitty witty is 14, bur her real name is Mikko,” said Meyer.

She gives Meyer the animal touch he needs at home.

He says when it comes to work, dogs are his preference.

“I love all animals, dogs are the easiest and most fun to work with,” said Meyer. “These days people are delaying families, dogs are their kids so they’re really important to people and for me it’s really meaningful work.”

While we may have caught the founder of Lofty Dogs on one of the most colorful fall days, rain, shine, or even fresh snow, Mike Meyer is surrounded by these pals — or should I say paws — five days a week.

“We get paid to be outside, and have little adventures,” said Meyer, who insisted even when it’s 20 below zero he doesn’t take a day off. “I am still out there, if it’s raining, snowing, we make it work.”

Since starting his business Meyer said he also does dog consulting work on the side. He works to train dogs that may have behavioral issues. He said he trains them by showing and telling.

According to the Lofty Dogs website Meyer’s current “turfs” are Lowertown in St. Paul and the Greenway in Uptown Minneapolis.


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