ST.PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — A battle over a $15 an hour minimum wage is brewing in St. Paul.

Negotiations are underway between the St. Paul Public School District and Teamsters 320, the union representing cafeteria workers.The parties are sparring over the timeline of when a $15 dollar minimum wage for cafeteria workers should be implemented.

The district suggested they begin raising the wage in 2020, but the union wants it to start next year.

The Saint Paul Public School District believes if they raise the wage next year, they wouldn’t be able to manage the district’s expenses and classroom resources.

Cafeteria workers point out that earlier this year, the district agreed to a contract with teaching assistants that will raise their base pay to at least $15 an hour by next school year.

Mediation will continue on Tuesday and if they still can’t agree, a strike could happen next month.

Approximately 110 of the nearly 300 cafeteria workers would be impacted by this change.

We are told more than 90 percent of the workers voted in favor of the strike earlier this month.

In the event of a strike, the district claims there is an action team in place to help prepare and serve those meals to kids.

Mary McGuire


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