By Amy Rea

With snow starting to appear in upcoming forecasts, the season of corn mazes is coming to an end. But if you and your family want to explore a different approach to mazes–in a climate-controlled environment–you’re in luck: The Science Museum of Minnesota recently opened a new Mazes exhibit.

In these mazes, you may find yourself going horizontal to work your way through a web of ropes.

Photo courtesy of Minotaur Maze Exhibits

Or you can be the game piece in an activity called Arrow Jumping. Beware–you can only go one direction.

Photo courtesy of Minotaur Maze Exhibits

This one will guide you through the mazes in your mind. How do perspective, color, light, and peripheral drifting affect how we manage what we see, including illusions?

Photo courtesy of Minotaur Maze Exhibits

Or maybe the maze is small, handheld, and a total brain-teaser.

There are more than 60 activities in the exhibit, which will have everyone putting their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to the test. Activities range from walking fingers through miniature mazes to running through an elaborate floor maze. It will also give people the chance to take what they learn and create their own maze.

The exhibit is included in Science Museum admission, and is open through January 7.

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