CHETEK, Wis. (WCCO) — Chetek is a small town. But it’s easy to see this loss made a large impact.

Hundreds gathered at a vigil Sunday night to mourn. The Barron County Sheriff himself is baffled at what happened after three people were found dead inside a western Wisconsin home.

“I responded to the scene and it’s just your tragedy that we didn’t need and we didn’t want and it was kind of unbelievable,” Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said.

domestic violence Chetek (Wis.) Community Mourning 3 Killed In Domestic Incident

(credit: CBS)

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Sunday night the focus was on Natalie, a 17-year-old dance team member who is very, very loved.  Natalie, her mother and her mother’s ex all died Friday night.  Natalie’s friends gathered in front of her school Sunday night. Two of her closest friends paused to talk to us about their beloved Natalie.

“She was one of the most sweetest, caring girls I’ve ever met in my life. She was hard-working. She never had anything negative to say. She was always positive, always positive,” friend Kacelyn Keller said.

“That shouldn’t have happened.  And domestic violence is just absolutely awful and it should be talked about more and I don’t think we should be ashamed to talk about it because situations like this happen where people who don’t deserve it have it happen to them,” friend Katrina Graham said.

Officials identified the deceased as 55-year-old Brenda Turner, 55-year-old John Hengst and 17-year-old Natalie Turner.

Court documents show that Brenda Turner filed for divorce from Hengst back in March of 2016.

There are still so many questions on how this happened. Sheriff Fitzgerald said early signs suggest it was a murder suicide – but they are still investigating.

There will be a crisis response team at the school on Monday as students return to school.

Comments (2)
  1. Bill Cenne says:

    it’s always the boyfriend. or the ex-husband.

    1. Bill Cenne says:

      The Sheriff gave an update today. Hengst beat up and shot his ex wife and the daughter called 911 and he shot her also then he shot himself. Please pray for Brenda and Natalie and may Hengst rot in he!! for all eternity.

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