MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – November is the ultimate month for deal hunters. You get to shop Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales.

But there are deals to be found in the beginning of the month too. Chrysa Duran, of ThriftyJinxy.com, Gets Us Movin on what to buy and when.

Halloween Clearance

Some Halloween decorations can be used for Thanksgiving. Decorative Jack-o-lanterns, turn the face to the wall and you have a pumpkin decoration. Costume accessories like light sabers, super hero capes and princess crowns can be given as Christmas or birthday presents. And of course there is the candy! Store it in a cool place or toss it in the freezer.

Baking Supplies

People tend to bake a lot more during the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving, so there will be deals on flour, sugar, cakes mixes, chocolate chips, etc, especially in the last half of the month. These are also items you can stock up on now and store for later.

Cookware and Kitchen Items

Besides all the baking, there is also a lot of cooking going on for the holidays, so you’ll find everything for your kitchen on sale, including baking pans, serving dishes, utensils and small kitchen appliances. It can also be a good time to score a deal on higher end brands like Vitamix and Kitchenaid.

Wedding Dresses

Lots of people get engaged during the holiday season, so bridal stores bring in new dresses in the fall to get ready for those newly engaged brides. That means they will lower the prices on their current inventory to make way for the new ones. You’ll find deals on bridesmaid dresses as well.

Tools and Hardware

People don’t do a lot of home improvements late in the year because they’re busy with the holiday season and in cold areas like ours you’re more limited to just working on the inside of your house. So, you’ll find lots of deals on tools and hardware, with lots of these sales also on Black Friday.

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  2. Daniel Kevin says:

    Black Friday is the day after the American holiday, Thanksgiving and is an unofficial start of the holiday shopping season.