MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – At least it wasn’t candy corn.

According to CandyStore.com, the top candy in Minnesota this Halloween is Tootsie Pops. The online retailer says it shipped nearly 200,000 pounds of the chocolate-filled lollipops to the state ahead of prime trick-or-treating time.

Tootsie Pops, a nearly 90-year-old treat, just barely edged out Skittles for the top spot. The “taste the rainbow” candy was Minnesota’s top treat last year.

Third place this year went to Almond Joy. (Sorry, kids).


CandyStore.com, which annually ranks every state’s top candy, says it looks at its sales data leading up to Halloween to determine its candy rankings.

While they might give a hint as to what Minnesotans keep in their sweet stashes, the rankings don’t necessarily mean that Tootsie Pops are what Minnesotans give out to trick-or-treaters.

Meanwhile, Minnesota’s neighbors seem to have better taste.

Starbursts are No. 1 in Wisconsin and South Dakota; Reese’s Cups are top in Iowa; and Hot Tamales are king in North Dakota.

Americans are expected to spend $2.7 billion on candy this Halloween,” according to the National Retail Federation.