MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Before the Super Bowl comes to Minneapolis in February, city leaders are looking at combating a problem that’s happening off the field: sex trafficking.

Minneapolis police, city and county officials and several nonprofit groups came together before the City Council on Wednesday morning to present their plans.

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Authorities said the market for sex trafficking online is big in Minnesota and many victims are transported frequently across state lines.

Undercover agents will be embedded on various sites online, posing as potential victims in order to catch potential customers.

Sex trafficking is a pervasive problem that won’t look the same today as it will on February 4.

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Sgt. Grant Snyder said it is a myth that the Super Bowl is the largest sex-trafficking event in the world.

“What we are talking about is a sizable increase in demand,” he said.

Authorities also want to help recover victims with resources to help them leave trafficking rings and heal emotionally and physically.

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Several nonprofit organizations with be partnering with law enforcement and will open drop-in centers and provide extra beds for victims.