MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Cambridge Police Chief Tim Dwyer has been placed on paid administrative leave while the city reviews allegations of “concerning” misconduct.

According to emails sent by City Administrator Lynda Woulfe, Dwyer was placed on leave on Friday, Oct. 27.

“I have received information from the Police Department that is very concerning and a thorough review is in order,” Woulfe said in the email.

tim dwyer Cambridge PDs Chief Placed On Leave Following Allegations Of Misconduct

Tim Dwyer (credit: City of Cambridge)

Woulfe says paid administrative leave is necessary to protect the city and city employees from retaliation while the review is being completed.

Details of the allegations have not been disclosed. Dwyer has also been given a “no contact” order and councilmembers have been told not to contact him due to the potential for litigation.

Woulfe says she is working with the City’s personnel attorney Kevin Rupp on the issue.

“Tim is entitled to representation by an attorney (at his own expense) and has the right to refute the allegations made. Kevin Rupp will be conducting the interview with Tim on the allegations and preparing a final report for Council consideration,” Woulfe said.


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