By Angela Davis

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — David Garnett was a bass guitarist who was well-known in the Twin Cities music scene.

He also had a distinctive look – thick, curly hair — that earned him a special nickname.

“Every single person from the music industry knows him as ‘Fuzzy,'” said his son, Jeremy Booth.

Fuzzy played bass guitar in several bands over the years. He was also a computer whiz, working as an IT consultant and a technical writer.

Fuzzy played with several Minnesota bands…always adding a little bit of soul to the sound.

“In late 90s, he was in a club called the Brown Derby in St. Paul, was regular in that band,” his son said. “Also did the first-ever live karaoke band at the Fine Line.”

david e2809cfuzzye2809d garnett Local Bassist Known For His Big Hair, Remembered For His Big Heart

David “Fuzzy” Garnett (credit: CBS)

When the Minnesota Wild moved into the Xcel Center, Fuzzy was part of the live band that welcomed the fans.

“He was a bass player afraid of heights, so he dreaded being 70 feet up in the air but he loved every minute of it,” Booth said. “He loved being there and playing for people.”

Fuzzy was also a techie.

“He’s always loved computers,” his son said. “He’s always tried to build computers or work on them in that sense.”

Reading and writing were both activities Fuzzy loved.

“Being able to write manuals, which is what he did for his IT job, writing pacemaker manuals, high-level technical, scientific manuals, he loved that work,” Booth said.

Booth says his father also taught him compassion.

“He was always looking out for other people and that is one thing I hope I can take and move forward with me as well,” Booth said. “That’s a big goal in my life.”

David “Fuzzy” Garnett was 66 years old when he died on Oct. 22.


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