CBS Local — Actor Matthew McConaughey spent his birthday this year putting a smile on his fans’ faces and a free Thanksgiving turkey in their ovens.

The Oscar winner was out delivering 4,500 frozen turkeys along with 250 volunteers to residents in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. “We believe in our family that the more you’re thankful for, the more you’re going to show gratification for,” the actor said, via CBS News.

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McConaughey, who turned 48 on November 4, is a spokesman for the Wild Turkey Distillery and personally greeted many of the Kentucky families as part of the company’s charitable promotion in the area. The actor actually surprised Wild Turkey’s volunteers as well, who didn’t know he would be joining them in their Thanksgiving handout. “Let’s go make some people happy and put some smiles on some faces… There’s some people that are gonna be happy to get ‘em,” the birthday boy told the shocked staff.

The Hollywood star’s Facebook live video of him delivering a Butterball turkey to a several ecstatic women quickly went viral and has been viewed over a million times.

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“He was like, ‘do y’all know what’s happening?’ I was like, ‘yeah, sexy man carrying a turkey,'” said Brittany Miller told WYMT-TV about her meeting with McConaughey. “We look, and it’s Matthew McConaughey, which is amazing, because who doesn’t want Matthew McConaughey to be at your front door,” Miller added joyfully.