WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Al Franken has written a letter to the woman who accused him of forcibly kissing and groping her, saying he is ashamed of his actions and apologizes.

Los Angeles radio host Leeann Tweeden read the letter Friday while appearing on the TV talk show “The View.” In the letter, Franken tells Tweeden that he wants to “apologize to you personally.” He also says there is no excuse for the photo taken of him posing in a joking manner while apparently placing his hands on her chest while she was asleep aboard a transport plane.

Tweeden says the unwanted kissing took place during a 2006 USO tour. Franken says he remembers their encounter differently but is “ashamed that my actions ruined that experience for you.”

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Comments (5)
  1. Lou Cypher says:

    Never trust a politician. They are worthless liars and hypocrites.

    1. This guy was known sleaze long before his supporters succeeded in getting him elected. Don’t try running for cover now folks. Reap what you have sown. As for Senate Investigation, why? As much as I have never been able to respect about him, I question the value of people who should understand the critical issues facing our country spending their time “investigating” the Clown’s pre-election being. He is what he is and always has been. Let the people decide and politicians, GET DOWN TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF YOU HAVE BEEN CHARGED TO TAKE CARE OF!

  2. Al Franken is in hiding. And liberal WCCO admits it! He was told to do the same thing during campaign seasons. Gov Goofy Dayton did the same thing. Hide during campaign season. No interviews. Don’t prove how stupid you are and now don’t prove what a horrible rapist you are. Guilty. Why has Al Franken not resigned yet?