MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Blaine woman is charged with fourth degree assault after prosecutors say she punched a nurse in the face in her room at Mercy Hospital last month.

According to the criminal complaint, 36-year-old Melissa Mau was a patient in the emergency room at the hospital on Oct. 4. She reportedly used plastic utensils to carve the words “Missy Mau Help,” into the wall of her room, then waited in a blind spot near the door.

(credit: CBS)

When a nurse walked in, she punched him in the face and attempted to flee, the complaint alleges. Other staff at the hospital took her to another room, where she was restrained and sedated.

The nurse was hit in the side of the head, near his glasses. The hit left two small abrasions on his face.

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  1. Healthcare workers have the same right as any other worker in any other industry to personal safety on the job. If this patient would be imprisoned for assault on a store clerk or banker, she needs to be imprisoned for assault on a nurse. Sure we learn ways to manage mentally ill patients’ behaviors unlike clerks, but also unlike clerks we are legally bound to keep a patient safe so we can’t leave the situation. That would be “patient abandonment” and cost us our license and livelihood.

    We’re put in a dangerous Catch-22 when we have abusive patients. I’ve been a nurse for almost 35 years and the degree of entitlement and disrespect I see in patients is unprecedented