ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — A Minnesota lawmaker is looking into ways to force school districts to back off hard-line tactics for students with school lunch debt.

The move comes amid reports that a Minnesota school cafeteria worker took food from children who owed lunch money and disposed of the food as the children watched. The legislator says children should never be shamed for owing lunch money.

And, she says she’s considering to take away state aid from districts employing harsh tactics.

“This defies good judgment and basic adult common sense. I mean, you just don’t humiliate students for factors that are outside of their control,” Gov. Mark Dayton said.

Dayton signed a bill three years ago that banned any demeaning actions taken toward students because of lunch debts.

  1. We have had free lunch for all who need it long before Dayton bought his seat in public office. Schools are prohibited from disciplining habitual miscreants who continually disrupt the classroom because of their membership in an entitled class minority. Dayton gives adult members of this class a free pass for their criminal activities on the streets. Should we also demand that the security guards at the Mall of America give these entitled and special privileged children free passage with the $200 Nike tennis shoes and iPads that they take and attempt to walk out without paying for ? These are not starving children in the wilds of Africa. These are street-wise entitlement-minded little brats that think they cannot be held responsible for their actions. If indeed they had no means to pay for the food and had gone to the school administration or cafeteria staff explaining this, before just stealing, they would not have been turned away nor embarrassed when they were caught stealing.

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