MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota traffic officials say over a hundred people were arrested for DWIs in the state on Wednesday evening, or Thanksgiving Eve. One person was also killed in a wrong-way crash where alcohol appears to be a factor.

According to Minnesota Traffic Safety officials, there were 137 DWI arrests in across Minnesota Wednesday evening.

Authorities say there are 47 DWI arrests on an average Wednesday.

The Minnesota State Patrol says there was also a fatality where alcohol looks to be a factor.

According to the patrol, a 59-year-old Mankato woman was killed when she drove into oncoming traffic on Highway 22 in Blue Earth County and struck another vehicle. A 64-year-old Mankato woman in the other vehicle suffered life-threatening injuries. A passenger was uninjured.

The night before Thanksgiving is a popular night for people to go out to the bars and celebrate the long holiday weekend. To stress the importance of getting a sober ride home, two families who lost their loved ones to drunk driving shared their stories.

Last year in Minnesota, 74 people were killed in crashes involving a drunk driver.

Family members of drunken driving victims spoke out Wednesday, including a Minneapolis police officer.

  1. 5bucksfast says:

    Are you people really that frikken stupid that you think you can drive home after drinking at the bar or home for the holidays. You really are an idiot if you do this and believe this.

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