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Luvafoodie Little Italy and Red Wine Raspberry Cheese Appetizers

1 block Luvafoodie White Cheddar Little Italy
1 block Luvafoodie Red Wine Raspberry
1 package of Effie’s Malted Cocoa-Cakes
1 package of Casa Milo Bruschette

1. Slice Cheese into small squares.
2. Top Luvafoodie Red Wine Raspberry cheese on cocoa-cakes.
3. Top Little Italy cheese on bruschette.
Serve as an appetizer.

Luvafoodie Taco Cheese Curd Tarts

1 package of Luvafoodie Taco Cheese Curds
1 package of Athens Mini Fillo Shells (15 shells)
1/4 cup of cooked ground beef
1/8 tsp. Luvafoodie Garlic Lovers Spice Blend
3 tbsp. diced tomatoes
2 tbsp. guacamole
1. Preheat oven to 360 degrees.
2. Season ¼ cup of cook ground beef with Luvafoodie Garlic Lovers spice blend.
3. Fill each fillo shell with ground beef.
4. Cut 8 Luvafoodie Taco cheese curds in half.
5. Top meat with a ½ Taco cheese curd.
6. Put filled fillo tarts on a baking sheet.
7. Bake for 5 minutes or until cheese curd is melted.
8. Remove from oven.
9. Top with diced tomatoes and guacamole, plate on platter.
Easy festive delicious holiday appetizer.

Luvafoodie Hot Toddy Cheese Curd Stuffed Dates

I 6oz. package or container of Luvafoodie Hot Toddy Cheese Curds
1 8 oz. package of Medjool Dates
1 4oz. package of Citterio Prosciutto di Parma
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Remove pits from dates.
3. Stuff each date with 1 Luvafoodie Hot Toddy cheese curd.
4. Wrap each stuffed date with a piece of prosciutto.
5. Bake at 350 for 5 minutes, or until cheese curd is melted.
Delicious spicy, sweet holiday appetizer, your guests will love!

Luvafoodie Bloody Mary Martini

3 tsp. Luvafoodie Bloody Mary Spice (available at or Bloody Mary Ready to drink mix
1 6oz. bag of Luvafoodie Bloody Mary Cheese curd or container
Dash of ground sea salt
8 oz. Tomato Juice (or Bloody Mary Ready to drink mix)
4 oz. Vodka
1 cup ice cubes
1 lemon wedge
Decorative pick
Garnish with: Luvafoodie Bloody Mary Cheese Curds, Shrimp, Olives, Red Pepper

1. In a martini shaker mix together tomato juice and 2tsp. Bloody Mary spice blend.
2. Add Vodka and ice cubes, shake for 30 seconds.
3. Take lemon wedge and squeeze over rim of martini glasses.
4. In a small bowl, mix together 2 tsp. Luvafoodie Bloody Mary spice and salt.
5. Dip martini glasses in Bloody Mary salt mixture, to rim glass of martini.
6. Pour Bloody Mary vodka mixture into 2 martini glasses.
7. Garnish with Luvafoodie Bloody Mary Cheese curds, shrimp, olives and pickled tomato.

Serves 2

Available at all Hy-Vee Stores, Twin Cities, Festival Foods, Twin Cities, MN and


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