MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – After the recent stretch of unseasonably warm and dry weather, winter looks to hit Minnesota this week.

Meteorologist Mike Augustyniak says that it’ll start feeling like December on Monday, when a storm system is expected to wash over the state, possibly leaving a few inches of slushy snow in the Twin Cities.

The storm looks to hit Monday morning, with a wave of a rain that’ll turn to snow in the evening. If current models hold true, the Twin Cities could see between a trace and two inches of heavy, wet snow before midnight.

If the storm’s course shifts, however, up to 4 inches of snow could fall. Or nothing at all.

Up north, more significant accumulations are possible, with models predicting up to 10 inches of snow in the Brainerd area. Meanwhile, other areas, such as Moorhead, Morris and Bemidji, could see 5+ inches.

Wind will also be a factor up north.

Much of the area is under a winter storm watch. The National Weather Service is advising drivers to be careful as 50 mph wind gusts could create blizzard conditions Monday night.

With the storm will come winter cold and a chance for icy roads.

Augustyniak says there’s a possibility of a flash freeze Monday night/Tuesday morning, with the moisture on Twin Cities roads turning to ice and then being covered by snow.

“Keep that in mind,” Augustyniak said. “Tuesday’s commute could be worse than [Monday] evening’s commute.”

Looking ahead, the wintry weather looks to stick around.

Highs for the rest of the week shouldn’t reach above the mid-20s, and subzero temperatures look to be possible Thursday night/Friday morning.

Now’s the chance to say goodbye to those December highs in the mid-50s.


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