By David McCoy

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — The first thing to know about Amy Berglund is that at first glance, it seems like she doesn’t belong here.

Berglund played for one of the top high school programs in the Washington, D.C., area.

“My coach is actually Bill Gibson. He’s the winningest coach in Virginia history,” Berglund said.

She was a four-year starter on a team that went to the state semifinals three of her four years. And was barely recruited, at all.

“I had some looks, and I played a lot of AAU ball, I went to tournaments all over the East Coast and stuff,” Berglund said. “Never had an offer. And so that’s why I kind of looked at Northwestern.”

Northwestern coach Aaron Kahl was surprised Berglund was available to them.

“She contacted us, and I looked at it and I looked through her resume and I’m kind of like, well, sure, that would be great, but is that realistic?” Kahl said.

Her skills on the court are evident. Berglund is the second-leading scorer in the conference. She just passed the thousand-point milestone, barely into her junior year. All because of that massive chip on her shoulder, right?

“I would definitely say, in the past that was a big thing for me, kind of. I was like, why wasn’t I good enough, when I had a really good high school career,” Berglund said. “But that’s not why I play anymore. Because I think when you’re playing angry, that’s not how I want to play. I want to play with joy, and play with freedom, and play because I love the game, that’s why I play now.”

Which is what she gets here at Northwestern. Turns out, this is exactly where she belongs.


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