By Angela Davis

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Super Bowl is 47 days away.

While the emphasis has been on getting volunteers from the community, there is also a need for paid temporary employees. The jobs range from unarmed security to snow shovelers.

And the pay is pretty good, ranging from $14 to $24 an hour.

The Super Bowl Host Committee’s website directs you to SAFE, the company hired by the NFL to hire unarmed security for the Super Bowl. They pay $18 to $24 an hour. The jobs could start as soon as mid-January and last four to five weeks. SAFE is barred from doing an on camera interview, but did tell us they will hold their last open interview session at their Roseville offices on Thursday.

Non-security openings range from helping out with the host committee to shoveling snow. But hiring for these positions has gone slowly. Many blame Minnesota’s low unemployment rate of 3.3 percent, the 10th lowest in the nation.

Super Bowl Host Committee CEO Maureen Bausch, a former top executive at the Mall of America, says a Super Bowl job will also look great on any resume.

“If you have Super Bowl experience on your resume, people want to know about it and it engages you in a conversation with a prospective employer and it’s a great way to get a job. That is pretty good pay for temporary work,” Bausch said.

Smaller businesses are hiring too. Take the newly-opened Haskell’s Wine Bar on Nicollet, which for 10 days will be in the middle of the Super Bowl Live event that one million people are expected to visit.

“We are definitely going to need more people for the week prior and right up to the Super Bowl,” Haskell’s CEO Jack Ferrell said.

Here is more information on the company hiring for those Super Bowl security jobs. Again, the last chance to be interviewed for those jobs is this Thursday at their Roseville offices.


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