By John Lauritsen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some hunters might go an entire season without seeing a deer.

But on the morning of November 11th, an 11-year-old girl in Lyon County not only got her first deer — she got two with one shot.

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“She spotted a buck in the trees coming down the path,” said Skyla’s dad, Andy Crowley.

It was only Skyla’s second time hunting. She had never fired her .20 gauge shotgun at a deer before. But when the 6-point buck stopped about 30 yards from the blind she and her dad were in, she got ready.

“I waited and finally the buck stood straight and I took a shot at him. The buck fell over and the doe behind it fell over too,” Skyla said.

(credit: Andy Crowley)

Two deer, one pull of the trigger — Skyla never saw the doe, but her shot went through the buck and into the other deer.

“I was amazed. I didn’t see the doe either so when there were two deer laying there…amazed, shocked, surprised and happy,” said Andy.

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Sklya put her tag on the buck. Andy had to put his tag on the doe. They had to drag both deer about 100 yards.

“The buck she’s holding right here. There’s a shot of the doe. There’s a shot of me after I pulled them,” said Andy, pointing at a picture of himself laying on the ground.

But it was worth it. Father and daughter aren’t just fishing buddies anymore. They are hunting partners with a story to tell.

“I stared at them for two minutes and I can’t believe that happened. I’d never heard of it. It’s possible it’s happened before. We’ll have a story for a lifetime,” said Andy.

Andy admits that his daughter is a better shot than he is.

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He said he has plans for the antlers and they’ll be a surprise for Skyla.

John Lauritsen