MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Pictures of Benny Sapp — that’s about all he has from high school, most of his career spent in street clothes because of injury.

“I’d probably say high school football wasn’t for me to play. I think I’m ready for Sundays and Saturday night football,” Sapp said.

But P.J. Fleck is betting on the kid that drew attention from major schools in the south.

And he’s banking on genetics. Sapp’s father Benny played in the NFL, spent some time with the Vikings, so he understands this game and his son.

“He paid attention a lot. He just kind of stuck with the book and kept moving forward, and he’s doing a — he did a great job,” the elder Benny Sapp said.

“My dad, the knowledge that he has that he teaches me, it’s very helpful in my game, and the genetics that he gave me. So it helps a lot,” Benny Sapp III said.

And how is this for a reunited team? Benny Sapp and Antoine Winfield played in the secondary for the Vikings. Their kids were together in Eden Prairie at the time.

Now Benny Sapp III and Antoine Winfield Jr. will be in the defensive backfield for the Gophers.

“It’s going to bring back me some memories,” Benny Sapp the elder said. “I don’t know, that’s when it probably would come to reality with me a little bit. It might just hit home. Get a chance to see him and little Winfield on the field, that’s going to be pretty amazing.”


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