MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The batons have been passed, and both Minneapolis and St. Paul are welcoming new mayors.

St. Paul’s mayor, Melvin Carter, was sworn in at Central High School, which is where he himself went to school. The 39-year-old Democrat is the city’s first ever African-American mayor.

“My love for Saint Paul goes back 100 years to when my great-grandparents fled here from the hatred and violence of the Deep South,” he said in his inaugural address. “They couldn’t have imagined the opportunity this city has shown me. I’m the son of a policeman and a teacher; a product of our public schools and rec centers who grew up to be a City Council Member, advisor to Gov. Dayton, and now Mayor of the greatest city in the world.”

There will be an inaugural ball for Carter Friday night at Union Depot in St. Paul.

Earlier in the day, Jacob Frey took the oath of office to become the next mayor of Minneapolis. The Democrat hugged his wife, Sarah, after promising to uphold the law.

There will also be a public inauguration next Monday in the City Hall Rotunda. There will also be an inauguration party for him on Saturday, Jan. 13 at First Avenue in Minneapolis.

After Tuesday’s ceremony, the 36-year-old talked about affordable housing, policing, and feeling hopeful for the city’s future.

The two mayors were scheduled to ride along and participate in garbage pickup with the City’s Public Works staff.