MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s perhaps the biggest question mark in the lead-up to Super Bowl LII at Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank Stadium — and it has nothing to do with the possible involvement of the hometown franchise.

WCCO’s Kate Raddatz got social media worked up Thursday morning with this tweet:

Raddatz offered a great suggestion, but she is no stranger herself to Francis Scott Key’s “The Star-Spangled Banner.” She also had her share of supportive commentors.

Several viewers also support Lovato, but there were a lot of other interesting picks.

Who’s your pick? Tell us in the comments below!

Comments (54)
  1. Home Free, Home Free, Home Free!

  2. Home Free country Capella please.

  3. Home Free! Minnesota Group who won The Sing Off! They are awesome!!!!

  4. Home Free – Minnesota based group – Just hit 200 million views on you tube – they are great!!

  5. Dionne Jones says:

    Home Free based in Minnesota!!!

  6. Ray Tennant says:

    Kathy Banta who sings for many of the U of M events has a gorgeous voice and the quality of prresentation as well. She gets my vote !!!

  7. Dawn Peymann says:

    Gotta get HOME FREE to sing the National Anthem– They know it well! and Are AWESOME!!

  8. Betty Heinen says:

    Minnesota based Home Free!!!!

  9. The best acapella group ever HOME FREE and they are from MN!

  10. Janet Sella says:

    Minnesota’s very own Home Free should sing it, they have sung it for a Vikings game already. Most talented group of acapella singers ever and very much a fan favorite with a large fan base. They deserve to be invited to do this honor.

  11. No contest….Home Free should sing it. And I guarantee they’ll stand while doing it!!!!

  12. Home Free. Aside from being extremely talented, they are a capella so they don’t need to bring a lot of equipment to get the job done.

  13. Duh, Home Free. They are a “Minnesota” group and amazing!

  14. gotta agree with the gang above my comment here–I would love to see Home Free perform –after all they are from Minnesota

  15. MN based Home Free Vocal Band!!!!

  16. Home Free Vocal Band – best a cappella group ever! They would do an awesome job singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl!

  17. Jan Caracter says:

    HOME FREE, please!They are guaranteed to do an amazing job!! They have sung at the Minnesota Vikings Football Games, and other sports events. They are a very patriotic group,and best of all, they are super talented.You CANNOT make a better choice!

  18. Home Free, who else who you pick!

  19. Home Free!!!!! They are awesome!!!!!

  20. Home Free. . . they opened this season singing the National Anthem for the Vikings in the stadium, they should close the season by performing the anthem especially if MN plays!

  21. Jackie Stein says:

    Home Free. They are a Minnesota group that won the National Sing-Off in 2013 and have recently passed TWO MILLION hits on You Tube for their great music. Please, Please consider them!!!

  22. LeAnn Snyder says:

    Local MN group… HOME FREE should do it!! Please consider them as I KNOW they would do an awesome job!!!

  23. Home Free! A native Minnesota group that has already sung the National Anthem for the Vikings. Please check them out on their you tube channel.

  24. Sounds of Blackness with guest Colin Kaepernick!

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