PHILADELPHIA (WCCO) — There is beauty, there is history and there is cheesesteak.

“You ask a Philly guy where their favorite cheesesteak is, they all give you a different answer,” Vikings fan Gary said.

At Geno’s we find Brian and Gary. They’ve been friend and Vikings fans since third grade. They’ve watched some disappointing Vikings games.

“Oh yeah, but we also saw the greatest moment of all time. Last weekend,” Gary said.

philadelphia Careful & Confident: Vikings Fans Invade Philly For NFC Championship

(credit: CBS)

Across the street at Pat’s, two Vikes fans came from Omaha to get serenaded by Eagles fans.

“Friendly banter, I’ll take it,” one fan said.

Life is sometimes about picking sides — whiz or provolone, wit or witout, Vikings or Eagles.

What’s the number one thing Vikings fans are hearing in Philly?

“Mainly that you’re very brave for wearing a Vikings jersey in Philadelphia,” a fan said.

And when the Vikings take the lead and are about to win, will fans cheer loudly or be careful?

“We’ll be careful and confident,” one fan said.

Everyone says Eagles fans are the toughest, meanest fans in the NFL.

“We’re just like you, we’ve been starved for a long time,” an Eagles fan said. “That’s all it is.”


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