NORTHFIELD, Minn. (WCCO) – After Monday’s winter storm dumped more than a foot of snow on Northfield, snowblowers and shovels were in action Tuesday outside All Saints Episcopal Church.

And the people clearing the snow couldn’t be happier.

“What better place to be on a beautiful day like today,” said Northfield resident Karl Fredrickson. “Isn’t it gorgeous? Just extraordinary.”

Tuesday’s cleanup crew was made of up church volunteers.

“This is nothing new, I think every church in this community and most other communities has volunteers like this who do the same thing,” said volunteer Marshall Hansen.

Most of the city streets in Northfield are plowed, but the snow remains piled high along the edges.

Drivers on Interstate 35 outside of town are still facing snow-covered lanes — and slower speeds.

“It is a hardship for many people, but once it is all plowed out and you see how beautiful it is, you wonder why everyone doesn’t live in Minnesota,” said Karl Fredrickson.

With schools closed in Lakeville, snowball fights broke out in neighborhoods, with students building snow forts amid battles.

The snow was near perfect for snowballs.

“It’s kind of sticky and it’s not hard so when you throw it doesn’t hurt anyone,” said Gaven Dean, of Lakeville.

Meanwhile, snowplow drivers were out all day, clearing neighbors, highways and city streets.