MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Safety and security is top of mind for law enforcement during the 10 days of events surrounding the Super Bowl. An app developed specifically for the big game will go live Friday.

Twin Cities company Securonet developed what’s called FieldWatch at the request of Minneapolis Police. More than 2,000 officers will have the platform downloaded on their phone.

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The app is designed to give police and its partners tactical awareness.

“It’s really next generation technology that is easy to use so that agencies don’t see the complicated nature of what goes on behind the scenes, but it does what they need it to do,” Securonet president Dan Zell said.

FieldWatch (credit: CBS)

Fieldwatch will be on the phones of local, state and federal partners. A major function is the ability to live stream what they’re looking at. The video goes straight to people in charge.

“There might be unidentified objects or suspicious activities going on or maybe it’s a protest that they want to make sure everybody is safe for so it’s good to have a view to command as to what’s going on,” Zell said.

Securonet worked with Minneapolis Police to develop the FieldWatch platform.

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“That’s an app we’ll use to manage law enforcement officers that will be working in Minneapolis and elsewhere,” Minneapolis Police Commander Scott Gerlicher said.

Live-streaming on FieldWatch (credit: CBS)

Gerlicher said the department currently knows where squads are and now they can monitor officers on foot.

“I refer to it as Uber for people,” Gerlicher said.

It also allows police on the ground can see nearby backup. And command is now able to communicate directly with each team instead of using text or email.

“It’s a situation where things can be addressed quickly,” Zell said.

Police tested the app during the X Games, Twin Cities marathon and home Vikings games. It will go live Friday when events get underway around the Twin Cities.

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Zell calls this a huge opportunity for his company that’s still in it’s infancy. He said this is the first time this technology has been used during a Super Bowl. The company plans to launch it nationwide after the big game.

Jennifer Mayerle