MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Former radio host Garrison Keillor says MPR did not initially have a face-to-face conversation about harassment accusations made against him.

A woman who worked with Keillor provided MPR of a document detailing dozens of inappropriate incidents involving Keillor, including requests for sexual contact and explicit sexual communications over several years.

In a statement today, Keillor says the woman was his employee, not MPR’s, who worked from home and their correspondence was mostly via email.

Keillor described her friendship as “mutual, reciprocal and respectful.”

“If I am guilty of harassment, then every employee who stole a pencil is guilty of embezzlement,” he continued. “I’m an honest fiction writer and I will tell this story in a novel.”

MPR cut ties with Keillor after the first allegation surfaced in November.

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