MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Before the Vince Lombardi Trophy is brought to the Minneapolis Convention Center with much fanfare, someone had to make the delivery.

Edward Graham of Minneapolis works at the Fed Ex station that delivers to U.S. Bank Stadium, and it was his job on Thursday to move the trophy across one mile of downtown.

“This is by far the most important package I’ve ever delivered,” Graham said.

With a security contingent watching the trophy like a hawk, Graham lifted up his truck’s rear door, opened the strongbox, and with great care handed the hardware to former Vikings center and St. Paul’s own Matt Birk.

(credit: Michael Heiman/Getty Images)

“I mean, that’s huge, it’s incredible,” Graham said. “To tell people, my kids, grandkids that, ‘Hey, I delivered the Vince Lombardi Trophy.'”

Graham has 36 years in the delivery business, and was chosen from a pool to handle the special package.

“My straw came up,” Graham said.

The trophy is on display at the Super Bowl Experience.

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