ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Step right up, if you dare, for a one-of-a-kind attraction, Saint Paul Saints style.

“This is the Saints at their best, right? We wanted to create some sort of winter wonderland and we thought, how far into the Saints dynamic of coming up with something crazy could we go? And we decided, let’s put a slide out, right? That’s the last thing you would think of in the winter. So, we did,” Sean Aronson said.

“The slide is a 40-foot drop, 130 feet long. Now, the slide is 130 feet long, but chances are you’re going about 170 or 180 feet because, at the end of that, you’re gonna slide pretty good.”

The St. Paul Super Slide took three weeks to build. It’s made entirely out of wood. Afton Alps brought in seven truckloads of snow — of course, the extra foot we got on Monday helped too. It’ll be open until Feb. 10. Click here to buy tickets.

“If you want a little tip, the smaller inner tubes that you slide down on, go a little further than the bigger ones, so if you really wanna go further, grab the smaller ones, they go faster and a little further,” Aronson said.

It’s $10 for adults, $5 for kids. And you can slide for a full hour. So as many times as you can get up and down in an hour, it’s all yours.

For a Super Bowl experience unlike any other.