By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Between the two Super Bowl teams, there is only one player who grew up here and went to school here.

Beau Allen, a defensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles. He’s back as the toast of the town for a week.

It’s media night, and crammed in among them is one, just one, who played his high school football in Minnesota. Beau Allen.

“I felt kind of like a tour guide. I was spouting off fun facts about the Twin Cities,” Allen said.

This is where Beau Allen grew up, and it’s where he grew his roots, and his roots grow deep. And this week, he is flooded by reporters, media attention and attention in general. But on his home front, he is reminded football is only a part of his life.

It’s easy to get caught up in this, and it needs to be relished. But he comes from a grounded family. Admittedly it’s euphoric this week, even down in Florida where grandma lives.

“My gosh is she popular. She’s down in Fort Myers and there’s a lot of Philly people there,” Susie Allen, Beau’s mother, said. “And boy she is the bell of the ball.”

See they’ve seen him long before football was part of it. And they will be there on Sunday to hone in.

“We now hone in on the big blonde hair and what the one body is doing. Hoping that he stays healthy in the whole scheme of things. It’s fun, you get excited to see him play,” Matt Allen, Beau’s father, said.

He knows it’s important to his family, but he’s also reminded there is much more.

“Yeah my mom tells me all the time. She says you’re more than just a football player, so that’s something. You get a little wrapped up in the moment, you get a little wrapped up in your identity as a football player so when you have your Mom kind of remind you that there’s a lot more going on, there’s a lot more to you than that, it’s always appreciated,” Beau Allen said.

But at least for this week, that’s OK.


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