MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some Twin Cities patients can now expect shorter hospital stays after surgery, and even major operations.

Active Minnesotan Laura Hetzel has spent her fair share of time in the operating room. She has had four abdominal surgeries.

“I remember very clearly how cold these rooms are when you come in as a patient,” Hetzel said.

She also remembers how eager she was to get back home to her family.

“I always focused on, ‘OK, I got to get on my feet, I got to start moving because I want to get out of here and I want to get out of here quickly,'” Hetzel said.

But things have changed since she last went under the knife. Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park is the latest place to welcome a new type of technology into the operating room. It is an OR hybrid with a very special piece of equipment.

hybrid operating room at methodist hospital New Hybrid Operating Room Shortening Hospital Stays

(credit: CBS)

Dr. Jeff Mendeloff is proud of his new office.

“How would I describe this? Cutting edge, state of the art,” Mendeloff said.

It is a multi-purpose room, and instead of two different procedures for vascular surgery, patients can just get one surgery in the same room. And the high-tech imaging allows for less-invasive procedures.

“Due to the imaging and the technology that’s available, the patient can literally have an operation like that and literally go home the next day,” Mendeloff said. “Previously, an operation like that would keep the patient in the hospital anywhere from five to eight days.”

He says it is more stable and more safe, an idea Hetzel can appreciate.

“Especially if it makes it safer and less risk of infection, and that you’re just going to be able to get on your feet that much sooner,” Hetzel said.


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